Who I am and Why I’m Here

I’m writing this post as part of zerotohero blog workshop offered by wordpress. It’s a wonder I didn’t write something like this previously! 😉

I’m wife to a wonderful Peruvian man, and mother to two wonderfully zany beautiful preschool girls. I’m here to retain some sanity while having fun in the kitchen: sometimes my girls like to lend a hand! This is mainly a food blog, but I may add in some other things as well along the way, like adventures and crafts.

Since my first years of college it has been a dream of mine to have a coffeeshop, which I colluded with my BF Carissa to call The Kaffeeklatch; but I believe that name has already been taken by a café in Alabama. However, in pursuit of that idea I studied international business in College. (What? International? … Ok, so poor advice I took from my Advisor my first year of college). Realized it wasn’t what I was after and took a break. After getting married and having my first child, I went to a local college to study business and culinary.

Culinary is my dream. As a teen, I used to be all about the pastries, breads and desserts. Eating them mostly, but once in a while I’d make some too. 🙂 I cooked some meals and received cooking tips from my father and baking tips from my mother. They both continue to be a source of inspiration. Once I took some real culinary classes, a whole new world opened up to me. I extended my knowledge of proper knife techniques, safety procedures, how to make sauces, properly cook meats, poultry, and fish. It truly expanded my repertoire. On my own, I’ve learned how to make sourdough starter and yogurt. I’ve even dipped my spoon into Paleo and Gluten Free dishes. I love to play and experiment with things new to me!

I’m certainly no writer but in the interest of opening a coffeeshop of my own in a few years, it is my wish to show you what I have to offer. I’m looking for feedback on what is of interest to you as a future customer.

Come enjoy a cup of coffee/tea and have some conversation!