Apple Swan


So I thought for my first post I would do something simple. This apple swan is one of my daughter’s favorite snacks and requests it often. πŸ™‚ I first learned how to do it during spring break of my culinary class last year because I felt like my plate presentations needed a little more flair. So I watched a bunch of videos regarding fruit carving. This was one of my favorites and proves simple enough to do. Gets easier with practice, I promise!

So what you will need:

An apple
A cutting board
A sharp pairing knife

Simple enough? πŸ˜€

Once more 088

Once more 089

Make two slices off one side… the skin piece can be eaten, the other slice will be formed into the head.

Once more 090

The piece on the right is often grabbed by a little hand to be eaten. πŸ™‚ The piece on the left is the head.

Once more 091

Next we start forming the wings. Try not to cut into the core!

Once more 092

Once more 093

Make as many wing pieces as you want. I usually do 3. Now that the wings are formed… now comes the trickiest part. Notching out a space for the head to go.

Once more 094

So, I start by making two vertical slices, then form a wedge by cutting horizontally at the top and bottom of the vertical slices. What makes it a little tricky is getting it so the head will fit. I will often just shave off a piece from the base of the neck, or make the notch in the apple bigger as needed.

Once more 096

So, here is the swan, with the soon-to-be-eaten extra pieces. They usually don’t last this long into the process. πŸ˜‰ You can see the little piece I shaved off the base of the neck.

Once more 097

Here is the finished bird with a little homemade almond butter. Yum!

Hope you like it! Have fun!

What was your favorite childhood snack? Let me know in the comments!